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Care & Attention

Grooming your pet is an important part of their health, hygiene, and overall well-being. It makes your pet look better, and it makes them feel better.

A routine grooming also allows your dog groomer to examine your pet’s coat, teeth, eyes, ears and nails for health problems.

Knots'n'Tangles provides professional and loving care for your dog no matter the breed or size of your dog.

Cat Grooming

I provide kind and caring cat grooming services to improve the coat and help you keep your cat in good condition. Whether you wish your cat to be pampered with a professional brush out, or need professional support to manage a coat that is difficult to maintain.

The cost of dematting depends entirely on the extent and severity of the matting and cannot be estimated prior to your cat’s groom

Brush Out
A thorough brush and comb out will remove loose undercoat and debris leaving your cat’s coat tangle free, lessen moulting fur and reduce the risk of health, coat and skin problems associated with fur balls and matting.


Bath & Dry
We do not offer bathing for cat as this is too stressful for the cat but we do offer a Dry Shampoo for them witch will keep you pet calm and relaxed during the grooming process.


A practical, close clip makes coat maintenance easier for busy owners. These include the rear end for good hygiene, a channel or tummy clip to remove coat from the hard to get to areas.


Dematting removes areas of matted coat to make your cat feel comfortable and help you start again with regular brushing.

Dog Grooming

Below is a list of Dog Grooming Services that I undertake for all breeds… using top quality shampoo & conditioners to treat your dogs coat and the latest grooming equipment to groom and style your pet accordingly.



Bathing with Speciality Shampoos


Coat Conditioning


Blow Drying & Brush


Hair Cut/Clip in the style of your choice


Clipping - Styling


Scissoring - Styling


Nail Clipping


Ear Tidying & Cleaning


Face & Feet Tidying


De-matting - See Matted Dog Policy


For Short Coated Dogs & Long Coated Dogs

Dog Brush
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