Knots’n’Tangles procedure during Covid -19


Dog lead to be attached to the fence at the front of the house for the owner to attach dog too.


PPE:  To be changed for every dog

  1. Overalls

  2. Gloves

  3. Mask

  4. Face Shield


Arrival Procedure:

Owner to leave their dog on the lead provided and step away at least 2 meters.

Stacey will collect the dog and take straight to the bath to be washed.

The lead will go into the steriliser.


Collection Procedure:

Owner will be informed when the dog is ready for collection.

When the owner has arrived the dog will be attached to the lead at the front of the house.

Stacey will step back and the owner can collect their dog by attaching their own lead and detaching Stacey’s lead.



Payment by cash to be presented in an envelope. One can be provide.

Payment by Bacs transfer before dog is collected.

Payment by card:  Stacey will set up payment on card reader and leave on the fence near the dog for owner to complete transaction.


Cleaning up before next groom:

  1.  All hair to be swept up

  2. Disinfect and scrub bath with a brush and rinse thoroughly.

  3. Disinfect/wash floors

  4. Disinfect/wash table

  5. Disinfect all equipment and handles

  6. Sterilise blades and scissors after every groom

  7. Wash all towels and cloths after every groom.