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How do I book an appointment?

You can book an appointment by telephoning the salon on

07540 353 864

How long is your waiting list?

I'm open all week so can accommodate with a wider choice of appointments. Please call me to arrange the best appointment time that suits you.


How long will you keep my pet for?

Appointments are 2 hours per dog.


Do I need to walk my dog before the appointment?

Before arrival please walk your dog to release some energy and toilet before the grooming process starts. This makes the process easier and more enjoyable for your dog.


Does my dog go in a cage?

Your dog maybe in a cage but this is very unlikely if so will be for the shortest time possible.


Can you de-matt my dog?

See Matted Dog Policy . Download and fill out the Matted Dog Release Consent Form.


Is there anything I should bring?

All dogs should arrive with a collar and lead. You could also bring a treat with your dog-preferably something really tasty which your pet wont refuse. This acts as a really good reward for good behaviour and helps me to gain your dogs interest.


Why can you not give me a definite price over the phone?

Prices are set realistically depending on the breed and work to be carried out but you may incur additional charges for removal of stubborn knots and unmaintained coats. All prices will be confirmed after I have concluded a consultation with you the owner and your dog present at the salon.


Do you charge a 'no show' fee?

As I lose money when business does not show up. I charge a percentage of the cost of the full groom for no shows. This money must be paid before another appointment is made. Please contact me in advance to cancel appointments.


My dog can be aggressive?

Muzzles may be used only as a last resort and normally if required, will only be applied for a very short part of the process. If I come across any serious problems during a visit I will of course discuss them with you so we can agree on a solution together.


How frequent should I have my dog clipped?

Normally 4 to 8 weeks. Frequency of grooming visits will depend on the breed of dog and your choice of styling for your pet.



Please contact me if you have any further questions.

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